Spelling デビルフ
Status indies, active
Years 2015-present
Genres Deathcore
Labels unsigned
Website OHP

Deviloof are a visual kei band, formed in 2015 by members of the indie metal band All Must Die. They debuted at Osaka on December 6, alongside the bands D.I.D. and By:ARLANT. Their first single, Ruin, was also released at that live.


  • 桂佑 (keisuke) - Vocals
    → All Must Die → Deviloof
  • 晟也 (seiya) - Guitar
    → Deviloof
  • 太輝 (daiki) - Bass
    → All Must Die → Deviloof
  • ひろと (hiroto) - Drums
    → All Must Die → Deviloof

Former membersEdit

  • 竜弥 (ryuya) - Guitar
    → Deviloof→ DIMLIM


Albums Edit


  • 2015.12.06 Ruin (live-limited)
  • 2016.04.01 Ishtar

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