AKA dissidear
Spelling ディシディア
Status indies, inactive
Origin Tokyo
Years 2014.01-2014.06.25 (hiatus?)
Genres Rock
Labels unsigned
Related F@NNY
Website OHP
DissIDear were a visual kei band, formed in 2014 by two former members of F@NNY, Yukkii and Lena, and new vocalist, Haku.


After they left their previous band, F@NNY, guitarist Yukkii and bassist Lena went on with newcomer Haku to form DissIDear. They started off activities as a "demonstration band" for a couple of months, and by March 22, 2014, they debuted as an official band at their first oneman, -The beginning of DissIDear- at Shibuya REX.

The band apparently had a short run, as activities abruptly came to a halt on June 25 that same year. As their website has been down, it is unclear if DisslDear are currently on hiatus, or have disbanded all together.




  • 2014.03.22 「偽りの夢幻」 (Itsuwari no mugen; Phantom of the false) (live distributed)


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