Baiser enfleur
Studio EP by BAISER
Format CD
Release Date 1998.03.01
2002.09.22 (reissue)
Recorded in 1998, Studio Impulse, ENAMELL RECORDS Studio
Length 14 minutes
Genre visual rock
Label Ectoplasm Records, Tears Music
Catalog Number TEC-0026
TEBA-028 (reissue)
Price ¥2,100
Producer BAISER, Kazuya Izumi, Yasuhiro Fujiwara

EN FLEUR is the first release by BAISER after the reunion in September 1997.
All tracks have been re-released by Tears Music together with the KALEIDOSCOPE EP in September 2002 (KALEIDOSCOPE/EN FLEUR)

Track listingEdit

  1. ECLORE - 1:29
    composed by 紫-YUKARI-, arranged by Kazuya Izumi
  2. EN FLEUR - 4:37
    composed by 紫-YUKARI-, lyrics by 紫-YUKARI-, arranged by Kazuya Izumi
  3. CRISTALLE - 4:35
    composed by 紫-YUKARI-, lyrics by 零-REI-, arranged by Kazuya Izumi
  4. DEFLEURIR - 3:50
    composed by 紫-YUKARI- & 零-REI-, lyrics by 紫-YUKARI-, arranged by Kazuya Izumi



Sound Production, Arrangement: Kazuya Izumi
Director: Masashi Majima (間島真史/Tears Music co.,ltd)
Recording Engineer: Noritaka Maeda, Kunihiro Kinoshita (Studio Impulse)
Assistant Engineer : Junichi Fujiwara (Studio Impulse)
Recorded at ENAMELL RECORDS Studio, Studio Impulse
Mastering Studio: Tokyo CD Center
Artist Management: Susumu Ota (Tears Music co.,ltd.), Takashi Shinjoh (新城隆史/Tears Music co.,ltd.), Masashi Majima (間島真史/Tears Music co.,ltd.), Harumi Otsuki (Markcampbell co.,ltd.)
Photographer : Yosuke Komatsu (小松陽祐)
Design: Masashi Majima (間島真史/Tears Music co.,ltd.)
Exective Producer : Yasuhiro Fujiwara (藤原靖弘/Tears Music co.,ltd.)

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