Spelling ゴキブリ
Status major, active (2014-2015)
indies (2012-2014)
Origin Tokyo
Years 2012.8.31 - 2015.05.05 (hiatus)
Genres rock, metalcore, pop-rock
Labels Feel Co., Ltd. (2012-2014)
For Life Music Entertainment (2014-2015)
Related Kar'MariA
Website OHP

GOKIBURI is a visual kei band founded by ex-DEViL KiTTY vocalist Yūga. They made their major debut in winter 2014 under For Life Music Entertainment and will release a live-limited single. However, this has been cut short as the members announced on March 23, 2015 that they will be on a temporary hiatus following their oneman live at Shinjuku URGE on May 5.


Former MembersEdit




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