Real name Ogata Hiroto
Aliases ヒロト(Hiroto), Pon
Date of birth May 4th, 1985
Bloodtype O
Current band Alice Nine
Occupation guitarist
Instruments guitar

Hiroto is the lead guitarist of the band Alice Nine.


Artist name: Hiroto

Real name: akiyama hiroto

Nickname: hiroto

Part: Guitar

Birthday: May 4th, 1985

Blood type: O

Height: 166cm

Weight: 51kg

Foot size: 26cm

Hobby: Visit famous places in Japan and photographing them

Perfume: None.

My Boom: Skateboarding and collecting shoes

First musical instrument he learned to play: Acoustic guitar

Childhood hero: Gundam

Sports engaged in: Running

Greatest influence: hide-san

Strongest point: "I can't lie. Immediately feel heat."

Weakest point: "I can't lie. Immediately feel heat."

Something he'll never give up: His beliefs and his guitar

Something he currently likes: Collecting shoes

Past bands: BAQUEPIA


Favorite color: Red and gold

Favorite bands: Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Clammbon, and NINE INCH NAILS

Favorite manga: Dragon Ball Z

Favorite drink: Green Tea, Healthya, 100% Peach Juice

Favorite Karaoke songs: Songs from Kinki Kids and hide

Favorite phrase: Ikeru darou? (Shall we go?)

Fun FactsEdit

Carried/Lifted Shou up in the backstage.

Loves everything about stars

Has grown up most in the band

He heard once that a teacher said that they didnt care about their students, and that broke his heart totally.

Was still in High School when he joined Alice Nine

He's a bartender with Saga

Keeps the energy in the band

He's the person who will do a lot if he can.

He says that when he shouts something into the microphone his teeth always hit the mic.

Only one in the band to use his own real name.

Ripped off his T-shirt in a live

Does the sound effects in the album Zekkeishoku

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