Versailles JUBILEE
studio album by Versailles
Format CD
CD+DVD (Limited edition)
Release Date 2010.01.20
Recorded in 2009, WARNER MUSIC Recording Studio
Length 1:05:00
Genre Symphonic/Power Metal
Catalog Number WPCL-10755
Price ¥3150 (regular)
¥3500 (limited)
Producer Versailles
Chart peak #16 (weekly Oricon chart), #4 (daily Oricon chart)

JUBILEE is Versailles' first major album, released on January 20th, 2010. It was meant to be released on September 16th 2009, but was postponed due to the sudden passing of bassist Jasmine You. The missing bass lines were recorded by HIZAKI.
Vocalist Kaya, close friend of Versailles members, appears on the album providing backing vocals as a guest on the tracks 愛と哀しみのノクターン and Catharsis.
The limited edition comes in a special package with an extra 32 page booklet and liner notes written by Tsuchiya Kyousuke and Arasawa Junko from SHOXX. Also included in the limited edition is a bonus DVD featuring two music videos and behind the scenes footage of the videoclips.

Track listingsEdit


  1. God Palace -Method of Inheritance- - 10:30
    Music and lyrics by KAMIJO
  2. Ascendead Master - 5:49
    Music by HIZAKI, lyrics by KAMIJO
  3. Rosen Schwert - 4:10
    Music and lyrics by KAMIJO
  4. 愛と哀しみのノクターン - 4:54
    (Ai to kanashimi no nocturne)
    Music by TERU, lyrics by KAMIJO
  5. Amorphous - 5:08
    Music by HIZAKI, lyrics by KAMIJO
  6. Reminiscence - 2:30
    Music by TERU
  7. Catharsis - 6:05
    Music by HIZAKI & Teru, Lyrics by Hizaki
  8. The Umbrella of Glass - 4:23
    Music and Lyrics by KAMIJO
  9. 月下香 - 4:41
    Music and Lyrics by HIZAKI
  10. PRINCESS -Revival of Church- - 8:16
    Music by HIZAKI, Lyrics by KAMIJO
  11. Serenade - 5:58
    Music by HIZAKI, Lyrics by KAMIJO
  12. Sound in Gate - 2:36
    Music and Lyrics by KAMIJO


  2. Serenade
  3. Making



Recording Engineer: Tsukasa Okamoto, Tetsuya Tochigi (bazooka studio)

Mix Engineer: Tsukasa Okamoto, Tomohiro Hatamoto
Assistant Engineers: Hiroshi Abe (studio Fine), Wataru Namifusa (MIXER'S LAB)
Mastering Engineer: Shigeo "MT" Miyamoyo (form THE MASTER)
Recording & Mix Studios: WARNER MUSIC RECORDING STUDIO, studio Fine, bazooka studio, EES STUDIO, Kichijoji-studio
Mastering Studio: form THE MASTER

Backtrack Programming: KAMIJO
Additional Bass: HIZAKI
Vocal Direction (M-02): Takuya Fuji (Applause Music)

Strings and AcousticEdit

Piano Arrangement (M-11): Koji Takata
Violin (M-05/0:11) Yukihiro Nishimoto
Violoncello (M-11) Yumi Shimazu
Piano (M-11) Nobuko Kawaguchi


Arrangement (M-01/M-07) Yoshihisa Sakai
Choir (M-01/M-07) Yurie Kobuku, Aki Kubota, Takako Kobayashi, Naoe Saitoh, Masayo Nakahara, Naoki Matsuzaki, Takashi Ueshima, Yamamasa Nagano, Yasushi Katagami
Chorus (M-04/M-07) Kaya
Shout Chorus (M-09) Chisei

Narration (M-01/M-02) Walter Roberts

Crew: Yasuharu Ikeda, Tomonari "CHISEI" Nakane, Kazuaki "MUTA" Mutoh
Musician Coordination: Fumio Takano (TOSHITSU)
Artwork Coordination: Shunichi Koyama (ozi design works)
Design: TERU
Photographer: Takaaki Henmi
Hair & Make-up: Eriko Matsumoto (APT), Miyo Sekiya (APT)
Costume: Orie Fujita (Popoki Factory)
Management: Hirotsugu Imanaka (Delacroix), Hiroki Yamashita (Delacroix)

A&R: Masanori "Hirosailles" Hirokawa (Warner music Japan)
Sales Planning: Kenichi "Tokosailles" Tokoro (Warner Music Japan), Ryo "Iwasailles" Iwamoto (Warner Music Japan)
Products Coordination: Tadashi Matsuyama (Warner Music Japan)
A&R Secretary: Yuko Nakayama (Warner Music Japan)
Supervising Producer: Kiyoshi Yoshihara (Warner Music Japan)
Executive Producers: Takashi Yoshida (Warner Music Japan), Mayumi Kojima (Delacroix)

Specials Thanks: Excite Music Entertainment, Sherow Artist Society, Sound Crew, syncl., Traumerei, Akane Yamamoto (APT), David Royer, Hironobu Kashima, Nanako Minami, GUILT-CRIME, Mitsuaki "MITCH" Odanaka (TAMA/Hoshino Gakki), Mac Kamihana (EVANS), Michiko & Naoko (Michiko's Vocal Therapy), Seiji Hiroshima (ESP), Shigeru Nishikawa (Minato Production), sono, anzi, ayame, yo, yu

Very Special Thanks: All the members from "NOBLE", World Street Teams (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Latin America, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Official fan page and European website).

"This album "Jubilee" is a posthumous work for Jasmine You.
We sincerely pay him and his work the greatest respect.

Singles extractedEdit

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