AKA L'ie:Chris
Spelling カルテチアノーゼ
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Yokohama
Years 2001.10.16 - 2002.01.13
Genres Melodic metalcore
Labels Eternal
Related the GazettE

Kar+te=zyAnose was a short-lived band signed to the Tokyo branch of Matina, Eternal.
They had their first live as L'ie:Chris at Yokohama Club 24 on October 16th 2001. The first lineup had Kirua on drums and Saki on vocals, but they switched positions after the band changed its name to Kar+te=zyAnose. The band didn't release anything officially, but some live bootlegs leaked into the web. After Kar+te=zyAnose disbanded in January 2002, Kirua, Kyōki and Ryōki formed the GazettE, while Saki continued his vocalist career in Koroshi.


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