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Spelling 迦夜, カヤ
Status indies, active
major (2008-2010)
Origin Tokyo, Kantō
Years 2006 - present
Genres Darkwave
Neoclassical, Chanson
Labels Sherow Artist Society/Chateau Agency (2016-present)
トロイメライ (2016-2008, 2010-2016)
Polyster/Universal (2009-2010)
next music inc./Universal (2008-2009)
Related Node of Scherzo
Schwarz Stein
another cell
Fanclub Addict

Kaya's solo project officially began with his first oneman concert on June 23th, 2006.


After the disbandment of Schwarz Stein in March 2004, Kaya took a two-year break from the music scene until 2006, when he came back with the session unit another cell. Shortly after that he launched his solo career with a sold-out free oneman at Takadanobaba AREA on June 23th, where ex-Moi dix Mois members Tohru and Kazuno performed as special guests.
Kaya's solo songs are usually composed by KALM (ex-VELVET EDEN) and arranged by his sound producer Kei Suzuki. However, his works saw the contribution of several other music composers and occasionally support musicians. Hora also contributed with some tracks, especially on the debut album Glitter. On stage Kaya sings alone with no support members, though he is often joined by dancers and sometimes by drag queens, friends or guest musicians.
In 2007 he often collaborated with Sherow Artist Society and its artist, being one of the artists of the tanbi kakumei 耽美革命 (aesthetic revolution) promoted by Versailles. For this reason he formed the Node of Scherzo unit with KAMIJO and Juka and sang few times with HIZAKI grace project as a guest. He also shared the stage with Versailles and Juka's solo project in a national tour and at some other live events.

After the unexpected success of his single Carmilla, Kaya managed to sign a contract with next music inc., a division of the major label Universal Music Japan. His major debut took place in early 2008 and was commemorated by a oneman concert titled サロン・ド・ショコラ(Salon du Chocolat) on April 29th 2008 which was later released on August 20th as a Live DVD.

After a few months of inactivity Kaya announced the release of his second major single Last Snow which was released on 24th December. Overall the single was his most experimental, Last Snow consisting of the classical melancholy of Silvery Dark infused with Jazz elements.

In 2009 Kaya released ボンジュール!シャンソン (also known as Bonjour Chanson! Volume 1) on February 18th which featured 5 covers of famous chansons such as "La vie en Rose" and "Padam, Padam" by Edith Piaf. According to a CDJapan interview Kaya wished to popularize chanson and show that it can be beautiful and upbeat. Kaya also stated he planned to resume the neo-decadence/trance style throughout the year and also that he was interested in doing another cover album.

Kaya celebrated his 1st year anniversary as a major-label artist with a special live called Rose Kingdom on April 22nd which included a new song of the same name. The song was included in the single Ophelia, released by the Universal subsidiary Polystar after next music inc. went bankrupt at the beginning of the year. It was also the last major release by Kaya before coming back releasing music through his label Traumerei in 2010. A single titled Awilda was released in August and followed by Madame Rosa, a live and indies store only release composed by former BABYLON guitarist Misa. In April 2011 a new album titled QUEEN was released as the final chapter of Kaya's Heroine series (started with Ophelia and continued with Awilda and Madame Rosa).

After experimenting with several music genres, Kaya announed 2012 to be a gothic year. Starting from January a trilogy of gothic singles made of Vampire Requiem (collaboration with HIZAKI and darkwave vocalist Selia ), SALOME (collaboration with Misa and cocklobin guitarist Iori Minamoto) and Nocturne.

In 2013 Kaya released the full length album GOTHIC, which collected all the songs from the gothic trilogy and added several new tracks. At the final gig of the GOTHIC tour, Kaya announced he would put his solo project on semi-hiatus and form a new band called Femme Fatale in 2014. His previous unit Schwarz Stein also revived permanently, even though they would seldom perform live.

Femme Fatale disbanded in 2016 and Kaya came back to focus on his solo works, this time produced by KAMIJO's label Sherow Artist Society and his management office CHATEAU AGENCY.


Former project membersEdit

  • YUI - dancer (2006 - 2011)
  • HIRO - dancer (2008 - 2011)
  • KITTY - dancer (2008 - 2009)
  • AYANO - dancer (2008 - 2009)
  • 良心 (Ryoushin) - dancer (2006 - 2010)
  • Veronica - drag queen (2008 - 2010)
  • Lil' Grand Bitch - drag queen (2008 - 2010)
  • OCHI - dancer (2006 - 2009)
  • mint - drag queen (2007)
  • Silver - drag queen (2007)
  • Gally - drag queen (2007)
  • Amanda - drag queen (2007)
  • Scarlet - drag queen (2006 - 2007)
  • 松阪牛子 - drag queen (2006 - 2007)

Notable guests Edit

  • TaNa - guitar in 2012 and 2013
  • Chargeeeeee... - drums in 2012 and 2013
  • Rookie Fiddler - violin in 2012
  • Selia - backing vocalist and performer at Kaya's concerts in recent years. He also provided backing vocals on the single Vampire Requiem.
  • HIZAKI - several times music composer and guest guitarist both on studio recordings and live concerts.
  • Kazuno, Tohru (ex Moi dix Mois) - guests at Kaya's debut concert Kaleidoscope (2006.06.23)
  • Loki (Sugar) - guest vocals during the summer tour 2007 with Sugar
  • SIZNA (Sugar) - guest guitar at the major debut oneman サロン・ド・ショコラ (Salon du Chocolat 2008.4.29)


All lyrics by Kaya, except where noted.


Kaya Glitter


  1. Kaleidoscope -glitter mix-
    music: KALM
  2. Walküre
    music: Hora
  3. Paradise lost
    music: KALM
  4. Psycho Butterfly -Nightmare mix-
    music: KALM
  5. Masquerade -fabulous night mix-
    music: KALM
  6. Rose Jail
    music: Hora
  7. Silvery Dark
    music: Kei Suzuki
  8. Glitter Arch
    music: Hora
  9. Hydrangea
    music: KALM
Kaya Hyakki


  1. 桜花 -百鬼乱舞編-
    music: KALM
  2. 鏡鬼
    music: KALM
  3. 般若
    music: Hiro
  4. 傀儡
    music: KALM
  5. 火車
    music: 箕島マサヨシ
Kaya Bonjour

cover mini-album


  1. オー・シャンゼリゼ
    music: Michael Wilshaw / lyrics: Michael Antony Deighan (t: 安井 かずみ)
  2. セ・シ・ボン
    music: Henri Betti / lyrics: Andre Hornez (t: 岩谷時子)
  3. ジュ・トゥ・ヴ
    music: Erik Shatie / lyrics: EPO
  4. パダン・パダン
    music: Norbert Glanzberg / lyrics: Henri A. Conter (t: 山川啓介)
  5. バラ色の人生
    music: Luis Guglielmi / lyrics: Edith Piaf (t: 岩谷 時子)


  1. Arachne
    music: Hiro
  2. Nouvelle Mariee
  3. Awilda
    music: KALM
  4. Ophelia
    music: Hora
  5. Sorcière
    music: リウ
  6. Sugar Rose (Bonus Track)
    music: KALM
  7. Rose Kingdom
    music: KALM
  8. Medusiana
    music: Hora
  9. Last Snow piano ver.
    music: Kei Suzuki
  10. Addict
    music: Hora
  11. Transmigration
    music: Hora

DVD Tracklist

  1. Transmigration


  • Type A with bonus DVD, Type B with bonus track.
Kaya gothic


  1. Gothic Elements
    music: Kei Suzuki
  2. Vampire Requiem
    music: HIZAKI
  3. remains of mind
    music: KALM
  4. Curse of Rose
    music: HIZAKI
  5. Traumerei
    music: Rookie
  6. PENDEL - drei
    music: Kei Suzuki
  7. Marionette
    music: Kei Suzuki
  8. Coppelia
    music: michi
    music: ミサ
  10. PENDEL - zwei
    music: Kei Suzuki
  11. SODOMY
    music: Hora
  12. Infection
    music: KALM
  13. SALOME
    music: 源 依織
  14. PENDEL - eins
    music: Kei Suzuki
  15. Memento mori
    music: KALM
  16. VORWISSEN - null
    music: Kei Suzuki
  17. Danse Macabre (A type only bonus track)
    music: 森岡賢
  18. Tempest (B type only bonus track)
    music: Kaya


  • Available in two types with different bonus tracks.


Kaya Kaleidoscope
single (2006.6.28)
  1. Kaleidoscope
    music: KALM
  2. remains of mind
    music: KALM
Kaya Masquerade
single (2006.9.6)
  1. Masquerade
    music: KALM
  2. Psycho Butterfly
    music: KALM
Kaya Ouka
single (2007.4.4)
  1. 桜花
    music: KALM
  2. 繚乱
    music: Nozomi
Kaya Carmilla
single (2007.10.31)
  1. Carmilla
    music: HIZAKI
  2. Silvery Dark (QUEEN's version)
    music: Kei Suzuki
  3. 傀儡 at Shibuya O-EAST (2007.8.30)
Kaya Chocolat
single (2008.4.23)
  1. ショコラ
    music: Hora
  2. Pourriture noble
    music: Hora
  3. ショコラ -Sweet version-
  4. ショコラ -Kayalss version-


  • First press comes in a slipcase.
Kaya Snow
Last Snow


CD Tracklist
  1. Last Snow
    music: Kei Suzuki
  2. 薔薇色の日々
    music: Naomi Amagata
  3. Perverse rendezvous (Bonus track)
    music: Hiro
  4. Last Snow -Kayaless ver.-

DVD Tracklist

  1. GLITTER Tour -The Glittering World- Final Live (2008.9.19)


  • Limited edition with bonus DVD
  • Regular edition with bonus track.
Kaya Ophelia


  1. Ophelia
    music: Hora
  2. Rose Kingdom
    music: KALM
  3. Ophelia -Kayaless ver.-
Kaya Awilda
single (2010.7.28)
  1. Awilda
    music: KALM
  2. Sink
    music: KALM
  3. Awilda -Kayaless ver.-
Kaya Madam
single (2010.12.22)
  1. Madame Rosa
    music: ミサ
  2. Madam Rosa -Kayaless ver.-
  3. Madame Rosa -Remix-
Kaya Vampire
Vampire Requiem
single (2012.1.25)
  1. Vampire Requiem
    music: HIZAKI
  2. Curse of Rose
    music: HIZAKI
  3. Vampire Requiem -Kayaless ver.-
  4. Curse of Rose -Kayaless ver.-
single (2012.6.20)
  1. Prologue -La pleine lune-
    music: Kei Suzuki
    music: 源 依織
    music: ミサ
  4. Epilogue -Babylonia-
    music: Kei Suzuki
Kaya Nocturne
single (2012.12.12)
  1. Marionette
    music: Kei Suzuki
  2. Coppelia
    music: michi
  3. 傀儡 -Kugutsu 2012-
    music: KALM
single (2013.12.4)
  1. TABOO
    music: 森岡賢
  2. Infection
    music: KALM
  3. TABOO -Kayaless ver-
  4. Infection -Kayaless ver-
Kaya Perfana
maxi-single (2016.10.19)
  1. Perfana
    music: KAMIJO
  2. Crescent Moon
    music: KAMIJO
  3. Frosty Rain (Bonus Track)
    music: 鈴木結女

DVD Tracklist
2016.7.13 Live at 新宿ReNY

  1. Kaleidoscope
  2. Silvery Dark
  3. ショコラ
  4. Memento mori
  5. Perfana


  • Limited edition with DVD.
  • Regular edition with bonus track.
single (2017.3.8)
  1. 夢路
  2. Frosty Rain (with 鈴木結女)
    music: 鈴木結女
  3. 夢路-Remix- (Bonus Track)

DVD Tracklist

  1. 夢路 (Making Of)


  • Limited edition with DVD.
  • Regular edition with bonus track.




  1. Kaleidoscope (Reissue only)
  2. Carmilla
  3. Walküre
  4. Paradise lost
  5. funerary dream (Limited edition and reissue only)
    music: Hora
  6. Psycho Butterfly
  7. Masquerade
  8. Epicurean
    music: KALM & Kei Suzuki
  9. Silvery Dark
  10. Pourriture noble (Reissue only)
  11. Kasha -shining flowers-
  12. Rose Jail
  13. Glitter Arch
  14. Hydrangea
  15. ショコラ (Reissue only)


  • Limited edition with bonus track and different jacket.
  • People who bough both editions received a making of.
  • Reissued with different artwork and bonus tracks on 2012.12.12 (Glitter Arch is placed on track 15).
Kaya Remix
Kaya Remix vol.1 K


  1. ショコラ Remix
  2. 繚乱 Remix
  3. Silvery Dark Remix


Versailles DVD 1
documentary DVD (2007.12.24)
Disc 1 Tracklist
  1. 11/2 札幌KRAPS HALL
  2. 11/5 仙台HOOK
  3. 11/14 岡山CRAZY MAMA

Disc 2 Tracklist

  1. 11/6 福岡SON
  2. 11/18 名古屋ell. FITS ALL
  3. 11/20 Osaka Muse


  • Available for preorder during the November 2007 tour.
Kaya DVD1
live DVD (2008.8.20)
  1. Pourriture noble
  2. Walküre
  3. 鏡鬼
  4. Psycho Butterfly
  5. Silvery Dark
  6. Carmilla
  7. 傀儡
  8. Masquerade
  9. ショコラ
  10. Epicurean
  11. Kasha -shining flowers-
  12. ショコラ -Sweet version-
  13. Glitter Arch
  14. Rose Jail
  15. ショコラ (Videoclip)
Kaya DVD2
documentary DVD (2010.12)
  1. 2010/08/03 仙台little HEARTS.
  2. 2010/08/03 仙台HOOK
  3. 2010/08/08 新宿ライカエジソン
  4. 2010/08/08 新宿RUIDO K4
  5. 2010/08/13 自主盤倶楽部
  6. 2010/08/14 大阪ライカエジソン
  7. 2010/08/14 大阪Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
  8. 2010/08/15 大阪RUIDO
  9. Awilda 振り付け講座
  10. 2010/08/21 札幌GURUGURU
  11. 2010/08/21 札幌MESSE HALL
  12. 2010/08/27 福岡SKULLROSE
  13. 2010/08/27 福岡Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
  14. 2010/08/27 福岡DRUM LOGOS
  15. 2010/08/28 名古屋ライカエジソン
  16. 2010/08/29 名古屋HOLIDAY
  17. 2010/09/04 渋谷ZEAL LINK
  18. 2010/09/09 高田馬場AREA
  19. Awilda (Videoclip)


  • Available for preorder during the August-September 2008 tour.
Kaya DVD3
薔薇の葬列 -Vampire Requiem-
live DVD (2012.10.10)
  1. Prologue / 鎮魂
  2. Vampire Requiem
  3. Arachne
  4. Ophelia
  5. Nouvelle Mariee
  6. funerary dream
  7. Paradise lost -infection with Carmilla-
  8. Pourriture noble
  9. 傀儡
  10. Medusiana
  11. Sink
  12. Curse of Rose
  13. Ave Maria
  14. Rose Jail
Kaya DVD4
Nocturne -蠢く微笑-
live DVD (2013.7.31)
  1. Coppelia - Prologue
  2. Marionette
  3. funerary dream
  4. Sink
  5. Silvery Dark
  6. Coppelia
  7. 鏡鬼
  8. Medusiana
  9. Epicurean -New ver.
  10. Pourriture noble
  11. Rose Jail
  12. 傀儡
  13. Marionette (Music Video)
Kaya DVD5
Gothic Elements
live DVD (2014.4.23)
  1. Rose Kingdom
  2. Pourriture noble
  3. Carmilla
  4. Curse of Rose Pandel-
  5. PENDEL - drei
  7. Traumerei
  8. Psycho Butterfly
  9. Arachne
  10. PENDEl - zwei
  11. SODOMY
  12. SALOME
  13. Rose Jail
  14. PENDEL - eins
  15. Memento Mori
  16. VORWISSEN - null
  17. TABOO
  18. Danse Macabre
  19. Tempest
  20. Addict
Kaya DVD6
Gothic Elements~After Live Party~
live DVD (2014.8.20)
  1. Kaleidoscope
  2. Walkure
  3. Epicurean
  4. Kasha - shining flowers -
  5. Transmigration
  6. ショコラ
  7. Glitter Arch
Kaya DVD7
Kaya Music Clip Selection
DVD (2015.4.17)
  1. ショコラ
  2. Transmigration
  4. Marionette
  5. TABOO
  6. Memento mori
Kaya DVD8
The Birth of DIVA
live DVD (2016.12.16)
  1. Kaleidoscope
  2. Walkure
  3. Epicurean
  4. Silvery Dark
  5. 桜花
  6. 鏡鬼
  7. 傀儡
  8. Kasha -shining flowers-
  9. Carmilla
  10. Pourriture noble
  11. 愛の讃歌
  12. ショコラ
  13. Ophelia
  14. Awilda
  15. Rose Kingdom
  16. Transmigration
  17. TABOO
  18. Danse Macabre
  19. Memento mori
  20. Perfana
  21. Rose Jail
  22. Addict
  23. Glitter Arch

Omnibus AlbumsEdit

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