single by Chanton L'amour
Format CD
Release Date 2001.09.30 (premium), 2001.12.01 (normal)
Recorded in 2001
Length 12:32
Genre Pop, Synthpop
Label float temple
Catalog Number FTC-001 (premium), FTC-001N (normal)
Limited 2001 copies (premium)
Price ¥ 2001 (premium), ¥ 1980 (normal)
Producer machi

L'horloge is the first and only release by machi's solo project Chanton L'amour. The first premium 2001 press featured a different CD art and came in a blue slipcase signed by machi. People who bought the single through mailorder also received a letter from machi. Guest vocals are provided by Ryoko Sato.

Track listingEdit

  1. L'horloge - 6:12
    composed by machi, lyrics by machi
  2. Mebius~答えなき問い~ - 4:45
    (Mebius ~Kotaenaki toi~)
    composed by machi, lyrics by machi
  3. Le Requiem de Améthyste - 1:36
    composed by machi


  • All Lyrics and Music: machi
  • Vocals: Ryoko Sato (from 深紫姫)
  • Arrangement and Programming: Joël Sougey & machi


  • Mixed by Osamu Takemura
  • Mastered by 滝口博達 (JVC Mastering Center)
  • Art Direction & Design: machi and Mieko Mizota
  • Art Photos: Masayuki Kusakari
  • Hair & Make-up: Rie Nozawa
  • Total Produced by machi
  • Special Thanks to: ex LAREINE members, 水野オサミ, LUCI'FER LUSCIOUS Violenoue', 深紫姫, 染谷守利, 池口有理, UTSUNA BOKU

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