Lamentful Miss
single by Moi dix Mois
Format CD
Release Date 2006.10.04
Recorded in 2006, SOUND CREW STUDIO
Length 25 minutes
Genre gothic metal
Label Midi:Nette
Catalog Number MMCD-043
Price ¥1,470
Producer Mana
Chart peak #73 (2 weeks)

Track listingEdit

  1. Lamentful Miss - 4:11
    composed by Mana, lyrics by Mana
  2. Perish - 4:48
    composed by Mana, lyrics by Mana
  3. forbidden - 3:23
    composed by Mana, lyrics by Mana
  4. Lamentful Miss (Instrumental) - 4:11
    composed by Mana
  5. Perish (Instrumental) - 4:48
    composed by Mana
  6. forbidden (Instrumental) - 3:19
    composed by Mana

Lineup Edit

  • Guitar, Programming, Arrangements: Mana
  • Vocals: Seth
  • Guitar, Backing Vocals: K
  • Bass: Sugiya
  • Drums: Hayato


Recorded & Mixed Engineer : Hideyuki Hanaki (SOUND CREW STUDIO)
Assistant Engineer : Kazuya Kikkai (SOUND CREW STUDIO)
Masanori Koshio (SOUND CREW STUDIO)
Recorded & Mixed : SOUND CREW STUDIO
Master Engineer : Osamu Shimoju (ON AIR AZABU st.)
Directed by Mana

Photographer : Kenji Tsukagoshi
CG & Design : Takaaki Kurosu (brahman)
Distribution : Etsuko Kasakawa (Midi:Nette)
Producer : Yukie Itoh (Midi:Nette)
Costume : Moi-même-Moitié
Total Produced by Mana, The Creator of Moi dix Mois

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