Spelling ラーミア
Status indies, disbanded
Years 1999-2001
Genres Gothic Rock
Visual Rock
Labels Key Party
Related CROW


One of the lesser known bands signed to the infamous Key Party label, Lar~Mia were an odd and dark band, notable for their very heavy and complex guitar and bass works, the distinctive low-pitched voice of Rei and programmed drums. They formed in January 2001, signed to H.L.EURO's Key Party label and released four demo tapes under it. During this time, they made a few live as "sister band" of another young Key Party band, CROW (later known as Kagrra). They were labeled "the white feathers" while CROW were "the black feathers". Lar~Mia disbanded on 12th October, 2001, and the same day they released a self-titled album. The members later joined other VK bands, the only active ex-Lar~Mia member today being Tomo, who plays bass in emmuree.




Demo tapesEdit

Omnibus albumsEdit

Omnibus videosEdit



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