Love Letter
by gackt
Format CD
Release Date 2-14-2005
Catalog Number CRCP-40090
Price ¥3150

Love Letter is Gackt's 5th full-length album, released on February 14th 2005

Tracklist Edit

  • 1. 精一杯のサヨナラ (sei-ippai no sayonara)
  • 2. Tea Cup
  • 3. etude
  • 4. ありったけの愛で ~LLV~ (arittake no ai de ~LLV~)
  • 5. ピース (peace)
  • 6. この夜が終わる前に (kono yoru ga owaru mae ni)
  • 7. 君に逢いたくて (kimi ni aitakute)
  • 8. Dears ~LLV~
  • 9. サクラソウ (sakurasou)
  • 10. Love Letter

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