PV collection by Klaha (solo project)
Format VHS, DVD
Release Date 2003.07.16
Length 20 minutes
Genre pop
Catalog Number SZGY-3001 (DVD)
SZGY-4001 (VHS)
Price ¥2,857 (DVD)
¥2,381 (VHS)
Producer Klaha

Track listingEdit

  1. 密~Märchen
    composed by Klaha, lyrics by Klaha
  2. stay in the rain
    composed by Klaha, lyrics by Klaha

Bonus materialEdit

  1. ボーナス映像/DVDバーション (Bonus clip)
  2. DVD用メイキング映像をおりまぜた出演監者と対談 (DVD making of and interviews)
  3. SPOT 15秒ver.30秒ver.

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