AKA シルエット(silhouette)
Spelling マジョリカ
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2014-2016
Genres Visual rock
Labels Starwave Records (2015-present)
Virgin AIR Entertainment (2014-2015)
Related 「G」
Website OHP

MAJOLICA is a visual kei band established on March 30, 2014. They first started out as the limited-period band, シルエット (silhouette). They were signed to Virgin AIR Entertainment, until the label shut down on January 31, 2015. Afterwards, the band were quickly signed to Starwave Records on February 15, and announced their first upcoming mini-album.

The band later announced that they will disband after their live at Shinjuku ReNY on March 29, 2016.



Albums Edit


  • 2014.05.05 Silent Killer (freely distributed)
  • 2014.06.16 春時雨 (harushigure; Spring Drizzle)
  • 2014.09.24 Masquerade / Misery
  • 2014.09.30 春時雨 (harushigure) (2nd press, live-limited)

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