Real name 井上 まさと (Inoue Masato)
Aliases MAST
Date of birth 1976.08.11
Birthplace Kobe
Bloodtype A
Years active 1997 - 2002
2004 - present
Current band Dead Children
Occupation Guitarist
Instruments Guitar
Website Official Blog

Band historyEdit

Support memberEdit

Session BandsEdit

  • Native Devil - 2006 ~ July 24th, 2009
  • 仏滅ヘッドロック (Butsumetsu Headrock) - 2008 ~ December 21st, 2008
  • オールウエスタン (All Westerns) - June 26th 2009
  • 構造改革 (Kouzou Kaikaku) - July 5th 2009


  • Starsign: Scorpio
  • Eye colour: transparent
  • Eyesight: 1.5
  • Shoesize: 26cm
  • Favourite brand: Atete Miyou
  • Disliked food: meat oil
  • Type of woman disliked: violent women
  • What the world can do without: painful things
  • Death is..? heaven
  • Cigarettes smoked: Mild Seven Light
  • Favourite thing: chocolate
  • Hobby: collecting perfumes
  • Favourite colour: blue



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