Spelling メジブレイ
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2011.03.18~present
Genres Hard Rock, Metal
Labels White Side Group
Related VanessA
Website OHP
Official Twitter

Mejibray is a Visual Kei band which came together in June 2011, founded by their vocalist, Tsuzuku, and signed on to White Side Group. Their musical style is dark, heavy, melodic, metal and hard rock.



Formed in June 2011, by Tsuzuku, Mejibray originally was planned to be Tsuzuku's solo project, with supporting members. However, it was then decided to make it a band. They held their first live on April 30th, 2011.

The group became an official band on June 19th, 2011 and released their first single, "KILLING ME" on August 24th. They released a mini album on December 7th, titled "Silvers.exe".


Former MembersEdit

  • 一風 (Ippu) - Guitar
    Dollis → VanessA → MEJIBRAY (support)→ MEJIBRAY →




  • 2011.08.24 KILLING ME
  • 2012.03.07 サバト (Sabato)
  • 2012.09.05 Sadisgate
  • 2012.10.03 EMILY
  • 2013.01.02 アヴァロン (Avalon)
  • 2013.02.06 DIE KUSSE
  • 2013.09.04 アプリオリ (A Priori)
  • 2013.10.02 醜詠 (Shuei)
  • 2013.11.06 DECADANCE - Counting Goats ... if I can't be yours
  • 2014.03.19 RAVEN
  • 2014.09.24 シアトリカル・ブルーブラック (theatrical blue black)
  • 2015.04.01 ネペンテス (nepenthes)
  • 2015.05.06 盈虧 (eiki)
  • 2015.10.07 パラダイム・パラドックス (paradigm paradox)
  • 2015.11.04 SECRET No.03
  • 2015.03.01 Agitato GRIMOIRE
  • 2016.04.06 THE END
  • 2016.10.20 ナナキ (nanaki)
  • 2016.11.01 羽花 (Uka)

Compilation albumsEdit

  • 2014.05.07 SM (singles collection)


  • 2014.04.02 A PRIORI Ei: Jojou -Counting Goats- TOUR FINAL at TSUTAYA O-EAST
  • 2014.09.25 Divergence (live-limited)
  • 2015.03.04「THE THEATRICAL SHOW『鳥ハ泳ギ方ヲ知ラズ溺レ亡骸』at 渋谷公会堂」

Omnibus AlbumsEdit

  • 2012.06.27 CRUSH! 3-90's V-Rock best hit cover LOVE songs- (#12 Cage)
  • 2012.09.19 VOCALOID × V-ROCK collection (#10 Gaichuu)
  • 2014.04.09. SADS Respect Album "M" (#5 Pornostar)


External LinksEdit

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