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madame tarantula
VELVET EDEN (ベルベットエデン -Berubetto Eden-) - madame tarantula (Demo Tape) (Version 1) (1999)
demo tape by VELVET EDEN
Format cassette tape
Release Date 1999.7.24
Recorded in 1999
Length 22 minutes
Genre darkwave
Label Arachne
Limited 2000 copies

Track listingEdit

  1. madame tarantula (Demo Version) - 6:01
    composed by KALM / lyrics by DADA
  2. SAD MASK (Demo Version) - 5:14
    composed by KALM / lyrics by DADA
  3. girl fiend (Demo Version) - 6:07
    composed by KALM / lyrics by DADA
  4. la fin (Demo Version) - 5:17
    composed by KALM / lyrics by DADA


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