AKA Marblehead
Spelling マーブルヘッド
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2012-present
Genres Visual rock
Labels unsigned
Related RealizationZ
Website OHP

Marblehead (マーブルヘッド) is a visual kei band, formed in December 2012. Their first live was held on December 4th, 2012.


  • Rensei (錬成) - Vocals
    → 『7191...』 → RealizationZ → Marblehead
  • Ageha (蝶) - Guitar
    → D'sighz → ヴァイアラス→ VEVEL, VEL71 → RealizationZ → Marblehead
  • Soji Tamaki (玉城 総司) - Bass
    → 『7191...』 → RealizationZ → Marblehead

Former membersEdit

  • Ibuki (いぶき) - Guitar

Former support membersEdit

  • Tsurara (氷柱) - Bass
    → Marblehead (support)
  • Aki (あき) - Drums
    → Marblehead (support) → ALIVE
  • Row (ロウ) - Bass
    → Marblehead (support) → Placebo (support) → My Fairytale→ 篠突く雨

External LinksEdit

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