single by gackt
Format CD
Release Date 5-25-2005
Catalog Number Limited: CRCP-10107/A; regular: CRCP-10108
Price Price Limited: ¥1600; regular: ¥1200
The limted edition had a different cover and came with a DVD. The DVD included in the limited edition contained the "Metamorphoze" PV and a talk between Gackt and "Kidou Senshi Gundam" creator Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Metamorphoze~メタモルフォーゼ~
  2. 君が待っているから (ReMix) (kimi ga matteiru kara (ReMix))
  3. Metamorphoze~メタモルフォーゼ~ (Inst.)
  4. 君が待っているから (ReMix) (Inst.) (kimi ga matteiru kara (ReMix) (Inst.))

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