Spelling メティス
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Matsuyama, Shikoku
Years 1998 - 1999
Genres visual rock
Labels unsigned
Related Kaya

Meties was a visual rock band founded in the Ehime prefecture in the late 90's. It was Kaya's first band, joined at 18 years old when he was still a student. They had a one-night revival on October 27th 2012 as part of Kaya's 15th Anniversary live series.



Demo tapesEdit

  • 1998.04.04 everlasting
  • 1999.03.12 RECUR to MIND
  • 199?.??.?? RECUR to MIND and LIVE
  • 1999.??.?? Nouvelle Vague 2 (omnibus)

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