Mugen Houyou (夢幻鳳影(むげんほうよう); Dreams and Fantasies Silhouette Shadows) is an album  by the Japanese Visual Kei band Kiryu , released March 2, 2011.There is also a song titled "Mugen Houyou" on the album.


  1. Mugen Houyou (夢幻鳳影(むげんほうよう); Dreams and Fantasies Silhouette Shadows)
  2. Shishoku -Re-Recording- (紫蝕(ししょく)-再録-); Violet Eclipse)
  3. AMAYO NI WARAEBA (雨夜ニ笑ヱバ(あまよにわらえば); If There's a Laugh in the Rainy Night)
  4. HARUKA KANATA E... (遥カ彼方ヘ…(はるかかなたへ...); To Far Away...)
  5. Ushi no Koku Mairi (丑刻参(うしのこくまいり); Shrine Visiting at the Hour of the Ox)
  6. Ruru (屡流(るる); Frequent Current/Fast Flowing)
  7. Kitsune (狐(きつね); Fox)
  8. Memai (眩暈(めまい); Vertigo)
  9. WAKARE BIYORI WA HONOKA NI SOMARU (別レ日和ハ仄カニ染マル(わかれびよりはほのかにそまる); To Faintly Stain the Day of Farewell)
  10. MISEKAKE NO AME TO JIKOMANZOKU NO MUCHI -Re-Recording- (見セ掛ケノ飴ト自己満足ノ鞭-みせかけのあめとじこまんぞくのむち-再録-)???
  11. Sazanami (漣(さざなみ); Ripples)
  12. Kaika (怪火(かいか); Strange Fire???)

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