Spelling ネガ
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Osaka
Years 2004.12 - 2013.4.29
Genres visualcore
Related FESTER


In December 2012, at a live event, Nega announced that they would be disbanding on April 29th, 2013.

The announcement caused many to be upset, and blaming the disbandment on Kisaki and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's decision to cease activies.

Yuu left a message about the disbandment:

"I honestly don’t understand all the hate towards Kisaki. Guess people just want a target to blame because he’s the Producer, the President of our record label? It is not Kisaki’s fault. There are more things that is not known to the public because it’s our business.
We have come to an agreement with the four of us members. We have always said we would continue to make music as long as it was with the four of us. Undercode Production has been our family from the very beginning, so it doesn’t feel right to continue on elsewhere. At least not at the moment. Who knows. Maybe some day we’ll come back together. Be it NEGA, Perestroika, or something new. I would like to see that one day myself.
We apologize for this sudden news. For now, Thank you all for your support. Please continue to support NEGA until the very end."

Nega will be performing at UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last event.

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