NOCTSCURE countdown 2014
Spelling ノクトスキア
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tokyo
Years 2014 - 2015
Genres Rock
Website OHP (defunct)

NOCTSCURE were a visual kei band, formed in 2014.

They disbanded after their oneman live, 葬造ト懺響ノ執行人, at Shibuya Chelsea Hotel on March 3, 2015. All of the members, except for vocalist Kai, have since formed a new band, LONDBOY.


NOCTSCURE had a unique way of debuting - although their basic information is known, the members debuted their first look as they conceal their faces. Also, a countdown to February 1st appeared on their website, until the full site was opened that day, and the band's faces were revealed.

The band performed for the first time at Ikebukuro EDGE on January 11, 2014 as a surprise appearance. They also held another performance at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on February 17, 2014.




  • 2014.07.02 「アウラ」 (Aura)
  • 2014.12.24 アディキア (adikia)

Singles (distributed at concerts, etc.)Edit

  • 2014.xx.xx 「Avzolute」


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