Format CD (type B)
CD+DVD (type A)
Release Date October 30, 2013
Recorded in DEEP END Sound Lab
Length 20:21
Genre Oshare kei
Label unsigned
Catalog Number VOW-4A
Price 2100 yen
Producer VOW

NUDE is the first mini-album released by VOW on October 30, 2013.

Track listingEdit

  1. Show me your NUDE - 1:12
    composed by 真白, lyrics by 真白
  2. 未来ハンター - 3:44
    (Mirai Hunter)
    composed by , lyrics by 真白
  3. 夜明け - 3:52
    composed by 真白, lyrics by 真白
  4. 赤い花 白い花 - 3:53
    (Akai hana shiroi hana)
    composed by 真白, lyrics by 真白
  5. 孤独な勇者へ - 3:51
    (Kodoku na yuusha e)
    composed by 真白, lyrics by 真白
  6. Twinkle Star - 3:48
    composed by , lyrics by 真白


  • 真白-Mashiro-- Vocals
    → shooting angel → himeyuriParadeis → VOW
  • 聖 -Sei- - Guitar
    Paradeis → VOW
  • 瑠希 -Ryuki- - Bass
    himeyuriParadeis → VOW
  • RIRI - Drums
    → delphinum → accordance → theta → 69-L[e’s] → mizuiro girlfriend → neon → MiLK → VOW


Vocal: Mashiro
Guitar: Sei
Bass: Ryuki
Drums: Riri

Vocal Recording Engineer: Tatsuro Niigaki (DEEP END Sound Lab)
Vocal Recording Studio: FREE PEOPLE
Guitar Recording Engineer: Tomoki Sugiyama
Bass Recording Engineer: Ryuki
Bass Recording Studio: Self Studio
Drum Recording Engineer: Tomoki Sugiyama
Manipulator: Mashiro
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Tatsuro Niigaki (DEEP END Sound Lab)
Mixing and Mastering Studio: DEEP END Sound Lab

Total Design and Art Direction: Ryuki
Photographic: Ryuki

Roadie: Kyosuke

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