Aliases nigu
Date of birth September 2nd
Bloodtype B
Years active 199?- present
Occupation vocalist
Instruments vocals
Website Twitter

nigu was the vocalist of Cocklobin. He currently runs his solo project HEROINE.


nigu was born and raised in Niigata prefecture. His first known band is De:zaide, which has been briefly active in the second half of the 1990's before changing their name to babysitter.

babysitter was fairly popular in the Niigata independent scene and had been active for about three years before disbanding in Summer 2001. Around the same time another visual kei band from Niigata, Galruda disbanded and all their members excluding vocalist ryo formed a new project tosinn, with nigu on vocals, in 2003. tosinn were not strictly a visual kei band and lasted only a years despite having released a few records. Afterwards nigu would not join or form any new band.

Years passed and in 2008 nigu resurfaced with a new unit called cocklobin, this time in Tokyo. The unit eventually changed into a formal band and kept its activities steady until disbandment was announced in 2014. During his last few years in cocklobin, nigu also played in the Laputa cover band Haijin band 廃人バンド.

After cocklobin disbanded nigu apparently retired from the scenes and only did guest vocals for a couple of projects and concerts in 2016. He then announced he would start his solo project HEROINE in September. No live activity has been announced though.

Band historyEdit

Session BandsEdit




with tosinn

  • 2003.09.09 地雷 (Mine)
  • 2004.01.06 問う心
  • 2004.06.09 wander vogle
  • 2004.11.17 Undesirable Guest

with cocklobin

  • 2009.11.04 Black
  • 2011.05.04 grisaille
  • 2013.11.09 schnee
  • 2013.02.20 here
  • 2013.03.20 ignite

Guest Appearances

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