Number Mouse
AKA ナンバーマウス
number mouse
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2007.7.29 - present
Genres mixture, hardcore, punk, nu metal
Labels self-produced
Related Red Carpet

Number Mouse is a Japanese mixture band formed by musicians originally from the visual kei scene.


ナンバーマウス (Number Mouse) was originally a session band formed by former pleur bassist Kuruto in 2004. Members were Y氏(yellow king star) on vocals, Hideto(Chain☆Gang) and Kuruto on guitar, Tuitui(Chrono Sphere) on bass and Kazuki(BABYLON) on drums. The project restarted as an official band with completely new members in 2007. Kuruto switched to bass, former Gill'e cadith vocalist Karuna became the new vocalist and Keiji (ex-orivia) was hired on guitar. Y氏, who has been the vocalist of the Number Mouse session period, acted as support drummer for the first months of activities before being replaced by YOU-YA (ex-La'Mule) in October 2007. Number Mouse released their first album Go Out in August 2008. However, they were forced to pause activities in November of the same year due to the departure of vocalist Karuna. Former DAS:VASSER singer KYOHEI then joined in March 2009 together with dancer Corokke and support guitarist GAKE (who had been playing with YOU-YA in Red Carpet few year before). YOU-YA also became an official member in July of the same year. GAKE stopped acting as a support member in October 2010, but came back as an official member in January 2012 after Keiji left the band. Corokke was also fired in March 2013 as he suddenly lost contact with the other members.


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