AKA Oneness
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Kansai → Tokyo
Years 2012-2015
Genres Oshare kei
Visual rock
Labels Double River Record
Website OHP

ワンネス (Oneness) were a visual kei band, formed in 2012 and signed under Double River Record. They debuted as a guest band at Heisei Ishin's memorial event, 拓 MEMORIAL DAY, on December 10, 2012. Their first single, スターゲイザー (stargazer), was released January 23rd, 2013; the single features excessive auto-tune, and this may be the group's direction.

After several band meetings, Oneness have concluded that they will disband on July 24, 2015, after their last live at their oneman event, Hoshi ni Nagai Wo, at Ikebukuro EDGE. They released their last single, GO!!, on June 3rd.


  • ジュキ (juri) - Vocals
    SchweitzerAnjyu'アイギス → ワンネス
  • DAI - Guitar
    → ワンネス
  • 帝-mikado- - Bass
    → ワンネス
  • 秀馬-syuma- - Drums
    → ワンネス → GARAK'S



ワンネス 1st MAXI SINGLE 「スターゲイザー」 PVCM spot01:38

ワンネス 1st MAXI SINGLE 「スターゲイザー」 PVCM spot

Stargazer PV spot


  • 2013.1.23 スターゲイザー (stargazer)
  • 2013.5.1 OVER
  • 2013.10.02 ギラリダイヤモンド (Girari Diamond)
  • 2014.01.22 セツナサクレツ (Setsuna Burst) (limited edition)
  • 2014.02.12 セツナサクレツ (Setsuna Burst) (regular edition)
  • 2015.01.01 浮世トラジェディ (ukiyo tragedy) (limited 5000 copies)
  • 2015.01.26 嘘つきの作法(usotsuki no sahou)
  • 2015.06.03 GO!!


  • The band briefly lost contact with guitarist Dai, having to perform at their live at Takadanobaba AREA on July 8, 2014 without him. The homepage later announced Dai's return on August 3, where he would take part at their instore event and live at Takadanobaba AREA.
  • Drummer 秀馬-syuma- is the brother of ex-Heisei Ishin drummer ライ (Rai).

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Official Website

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