Versailles PRINCE
Digital single by Versailles
Format Digital
Release Date 2008.09.13
Length 4:56
Genre Symphonic metal, power metal
Label Sherow Artist Society
Price free
Prince is a song by Versailles released on September 13, 2008 as a free download on their website as "a gift to their fans for supporting them for so long". On the same day, this song was featured on the sampler ART OF "Propaganda", alongside Chariots' song "Shred". It was also added as a bonus track to the October 22 reissue of their first full-album NOBLE. The song is also featured on their next single, PRINCE & PRINCESS, albeit with a new introduction.


At the Tokyo Metropolis II events held on August 16th and 17th Versailles announced that they have have been forced to change their name in the United States due to a legal issue with another American artist called Versailles. As they thought that the band name doesn't belong to the members only but also to the fans, everyone could suggest a new name sending an e-mail to Sherow Artist Society.

In the meantime Versailles had a twoman performance with the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band chariots at OSAKA BIG CAT on September 13th. A memorial split single featuring a brand new song titled PRINCE was given as a present to everyone who attended the event. In addition, KAMIJO announced that the new name was going to be revealed on the official website on midnight.

The new name was Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-, and was chosen combining various suggestions received by fans. It means that even if Versailles is made of five people, when they play live are joined by the fans and become a big philharmonic.

The name was supposed to be used for concerts, releases and merchandise in the United States, but it's always written in the band logo both in Japan and Europe. In any case, everyone is still calling them simply "Versailles", and since then all the fans use to shout "We are Versailles" on concerts before the encore.

The same day of the band name change announcement, the new song PRINCE has been made available for free download on various websites and released as a bonus track in the second press of NOBLE.


    composed by KAMIJO & HIZAKI, lyrics by KAMIJO

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