AKA XI~サイ~
Spelling ラドック
Status indies, hiatus
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Years 2009.01.14 - 2012.12.27
Genres rock
Labels Akasaka Kougyou Music
Website Webpage

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ラドック Edit

ラドック (radokku, Raddock) was an indies visual kei rock band from Tokyo, Japan signed under Akasaka Kougyou Music (AKA-ON). Active years: from 2009 to 2012.

Story Edit

Their first appearance was as the session band XI~サイ~ on January 14th, 2009. (Kiyoshi and Shun leaved the band in 2009 and in 2011).

On September 4, 2011, XI~サイ~ have officially changed the name to ラドック. On the same day, support bassist Kyouhei joins the band and becomes the official bassist a month later.

On April 1, 2012, Raddock move to new label Akasaka Kougyou Music (AKA-ON) under Dear Dolce.

Members Edit

  • Haku ハク - vocal

鬱~うつ~ (as Haku)ギャルド (as guitarist Yuki)XI~サイ~ (as Haku)ラドック

  • Yuki - guitar

Ry:diaまじかる☆にんじゃLunatic ParkSadistripXI~サイ~ラドックUnlucky Morpheus

  • Rulu - guitar


  • Kyohei 恭兵 - bass

大蛇 (as 光秀)ラドック

  • Mutsuki - drums

Lunatic ParkSadistripXI~サイ~ラドック → メメント・モリ (support)黒百合と影

Discography Edit


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RE:START [2011.11.21]

  • First impression
  • 春夏秋冬
  • リフレイミング
  • 雪桜
  • 未練華
  • 伍月弐伍時ノ虚空
  • 水槽で飼われた蝶
  • 悩殺プライド
  • 蜜搦メ手カラ流レ込ム蜘蛛ノ意図
  • Dr[J.K]
  • Chronic loser
  • Dastard


  • [2011.09.28] Dear Dolce ディアドルみんなで作ったCD。 (Dear Dolce Dear Dol Minna de Tsukutta CD.) (Omnibus) (song "Realistic Joker")
  • [2012.06.13] AKA-ON COMPILATION DISC vol.1 (Omnibus) (song "zillion")
  • [2012.06.18] 超絶共依存的ナルシズム (Chouzetsu Kyouizon-teki Narcism) (Single)