Raphael Singles
Raphael Singles Delkmiroph
Compilation album by Raphael
Format CD
Release Date 01.08.2001
Genre Rock
Catalog Number FLCF3875

Raphael Singles is a compilation album by Raphael. It was released on August 1st 2001


  1. White Love Story
  2. Yume Yori Sutekina
  3. Sweet Romance
  4. follow you
  5. Hana Saku Inochi Aru Kagiri
  6. [...] ~Aru Kisetsu No Chinkonka~
  7. Eternal Wish ~Todokanu Kimi E~
  8. Madogiwa No Yume
  9. Promise
  10. Cadenza
  11. Lost Graduation
  12. Evergreen
  13. Gebet
  14. Akikaze No Rapsody
  15. Fumetsuka

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