by gackt
Format CD
Release Date 4-25-2001
Catalog Number CRCP-40001
Price ¥3200
Rebirth is the second album by Gackt. It was released on April 25th, 2001.

Tracklist Edit

  1. 4th...
  2. Secret Garden
  3. Maria
  4. uncontrol
  5. 鶺鴒~seki-ray~リバースバージョン (sekirei ~seki-ray~ REVERSE VERSION)
  6. Kalmia
  7. Sayonara
  8. marmalade
  9. Papa lopped a pap lopped
  10. seven
  11. 君のためにできること~リバースバージョン (kimi no tame ni dekiru koto ~ REVERSE VERSION)

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