Red Carpet
Red carpet
Spelling レッド・カーペット
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tokyo
Years 2005.4.1 - 2007.7.31
Genres Rock
Labels SEVIRE CUTIER (self-produced)
Related La'Mule, NightingeiL, Number Mouse

Red Carpet has been an indie rock band active in the early 2000's. Despite their casual look and mainstream music, it was formed by members of influent visual kei bands.


The band was formed on April 1st 2005 by ex-La'Mule members Kon (real name Kazuhisa Fujimoto) and YOU-YA (real name Yuya Hamamoto) with the aim of creating a non-visual rock band. [[[三輪昌史 |Masashi Miwa]], who had previously been a La'Mule roadie, was announced on bass on May 5th. At the same time, Naoto Ogake was recruited as a support guitarist. With this lineup Red Carpet had their first live at Akihabara GOODMAN. A free single limited to 100 copies was also distributed to all people attending the concert. However, Masahi suddently left the band after the second live held at Ikebukuro CHOP on August 16th. A temporary replacement was found in ex-Vasalla guitarist kaie (real name Kouji Hasegawa). Naoto became an official member in October, and also Kouji became the band's official guitarist after Naoya Hashimoto was recruited on bass in December. The final lineup released its first maxi-single Bleaching on December 30th (1000 mailorder-only copies). An album followed in May 2006. Red Carpet's fist oneman live was held at Shibuya Yaneura on July 23rd 2006, while their first national tour was held in February 2007 to celebrate the release of their single We Safe?. They disbanded at their second and last oneman live on July 31st at Ikebukuro CHOP.


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