studio EP by Moi dix Mois
Format CD
Release Date July 11 2012
Length 45 minutes
Genre gothic metal
Label Maglaia (JP)
Catalog Number MGCD-1
Producer Mana

Tracks Edit

1. En Lumière

2. Dialogue Symphonie

3. Front Et Baiser

4. Solitude

5. The Prophet

6. Invite To Immorality

7. Nocturnal Romance

8. Vestige

9. La Dix Croix

10. Secret Longing

11. Pageant

12. Je L'aime


  • Mana: Guitar, Sound, Programming, Arrangements
  • Seth: Vocals
  • K: Voice, Secondary Guitar
  • Sugiya: Bass
  • Hayato: Drums


Everything composed by Mana.

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