Rides In ReVellion
Spelling ライド イン レヴェっぃオン (?)
Status indies, active
Years 2015-present
Genres Rock
Labels unsigned
Related Black September
Website OHP
Rides In ReVellion are a visual kei band, formed by former members of Black September in 2015. They debuted at their first demo live at Nanba ROCKETS on May 13, 2015, and at their presents live "-REUNION- at the shady dawn" at Shinsaibashi VARON later on July 28. On the latter date, bassist Nagisa joined the band, even before departing from his previous band, UnRealistic.


Former membersEdit

  • Komatsu - Bass (support) (2015.05.13-07.28)
    → Rides In ReVellion



  • 2015.04.25 Rosé / MIRAGE-toxical love story- (store distributed)
  • 2015.08.02 -CHAIN-
  • 2016.01.22 Eternal 〜渇望の空〜 (Eternal ~katsubou no sora~)


  • 2015.05.13 (live-distributed DVD)

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • 2015.08.05 妖幻鏡-WEST- Vol.2 ~大阪・名古屋連合~

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