Royz new look2013
Royz Logo
Spelling ロイズ
Status Active, indies
Origin Kansai→Tokyo
Years 2009 - present
Genres Rock
Related Lucifer
Website OHP
Royz is a visual kei band, formed in 2009. They are currently signed to B.P Records.

They describe their concept as 'catchy', and they wish to make music that appeals to all different kinds of people.

In 2014, it was announced that guitarist Kazuki would be leaving the band after their oneman at Akasaka Blitz on June 11, due to family matters.


Former membersEdit




  • 2009.09.28 No Fate (live)
  • 2010.01.14 Hoshi ni Negai wo (星に願いを)
  • 2010.01.14 Marble Palette (マーブルパレット)
  • 2010.02.14 Toumei na Yuki (トウメイナユキ)
  • 2010.04.29 Haru no Yoru no Yume / Koi Hanabi (春ノ夜ノ夢 / 恋花火)
  • 2010.10.06 『AREA』
  • 2011.04.09 e:ver
  • 2011.08.17 α
  • 2012.03.07 NOAH
  • 2012.06.27 Starry HEAVEN
  • 2012.10.24 INNOCENCE
  • 2013.07.03 EGOIST
  • 2014.01.15 LILIA


  • 2012.05.02 -Revolution To New Age -2011.12.22 Shibuya O-WEST-
  • 2012.09.05 Reborn To "Noah" -2012.4.29 Shibuya O-EAST-
  • 2012.09.05 Royz 2012 SPRING Oneman TOUR ~「REBORN to "NOAH" ~TOUR DOCUMENT~」
  • 2013.01.23 Royz 2012 SUMMER Oneman TOUR FINAL The Space of "6" HEAVENS -Royz 3rd Anniversary in Namba Hatch-
  • 2013.05.08 2012 WINTER Oneman TOUR FINAL The Unlimited Innocence Ray 2013.01.05 SHIBUYA AX
  • 2013.10.09 Lost Tears -2 Days One-Man Zenkyoku Seiha Ganba Royz! In Nihon Seinenkan

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • 2014.06.25 Yougenkyou -WEST- THE CONQUEST OF NANIWA


External LinksEdit

Official Website

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