Ruiza 2013
Real name 中浜慶幸
(Nakahama Yoshiyuki)
Aliases 涙沙
Date of birth February 18th, 1979
Birthplace Itami, Kansai
Bloodtype A
Years active 1998 - present
Current band D
Occupation Guitarist
Instruments Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin

Ruiza (born February 18th, 1979 in Itami) is a solo artist and guitarist of D.

Band historyEdit

  • Distray - 1998 ~ June 1999
  • LAYBIAL - July 1999 ~ December 30th 2000
  • Syndrome - January 16th 2000 ~ November 18th 2002
  • Ruiza - 2001 ~ present
  • D - March 2003 ~ present




with DistrayEdit

  • 1999.06.30 Fare Well
  • 1999.06.06 鏡の中で××× (Kagami no naka de xxx)

with SyndromeEdit

as RuizaEdit

with DEdit

Trivia Edit

  • foot size: 24.5~25cm
  • horoscope: Aquarius
  • brand: Gaultier, Gucci, Bulgari, ESP
  • perfume: Allure, Dior perfumes, Corvinus
  • cigarettes: Salem Pianist 1 mg
  • favorite food: sushi, meat, ramen, sweets
  • disliked food: natto


External LinksEdit

Personal page at D official website

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