Saigo no Bansan (最後ノ晩餐; The Last Supper) is Grieva's first single, which is set to be released June 26, 2013.
Grieva Photo

Single by Grieva

Released June 26, 2013
Genre Visual Kei
Label MadWink

The single will include a CD and DVD, which will have a PV for the song "Amai Unou, Akai Sanou"


  • 1. 甘イ右脳、赭イ左脳 (Amai unou, akai sanou)
  • 2. 悦楽的自虐妄想癖な僕の事情 (Etsurakuteki jigyakumousouheki na boku no jijou)
  • 3. 毒-ドク- (Doku)
  • 4. Wish

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