Schwarz Kain
Spelling シュヴァルツカイン
Status major, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2016.7.13 -
Genres visualcore, melodic metal
Labels Starwave Records
Website OHP


Schwarz Kain composed of former members from the now disbanded bands Tokami, VAASTU and LIV’ERT, and they’ve already announced their first single titled Moment glow to be released on August 31 through Starwave Records’ web-shop. Their first live at Takadanobaba AREA at 2016/07/13.

Members Edit

Discography Edit


  • Moment Glow [preview] 2016.8.31
    → Moment Glow, Kimi ga Egaku Ruriiro no Sekai (君が描く瑠璃色の世界), Envy

External Links Edit

Twitter - Nagisa | Tomoya | Keisuke | Ayaka

Instagram - Izumi

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