Status indies, hiatus
Years 2014-2016
Genres Rock
Labels unsigned
Related 爆音戦隊アニレンジャー
Victorian Steam Caravan Arte Macchina
Website OHP (defunct)

Sherella were a visual kei band formed on September 29, 2014. They held a "pre-live" at the JOKER sponsored event, Le Cirque De Minuit, at Osaka LIVE HOUSE D' on January 31, 2015, and then officially made their debut at their own sponsored event, Fiction impossible Mad ingranaggi ~廻る歯車はまるで唄うかのように~, at Abeno RockTown later on April 17. At that same live, they freely distributed their first single, 空の時間 (kara no jikan), originally titled as Banda della marcia.

The band have since went on hiatus after the departure of guitarist Nayu. The remaining members, vocalist Amu and bassist Shio have since formed a new band, Victorian Steam Caravan Arte Macchina, with a similar concept and new members. The name "Sherella" was also used to name their goods workshop.


Former membersEdit


Singles (distributed at lives, etc.)Edit

  • 2015.04.17 空の時間 (kara no jikan)
  • 2015.12.01 境界の切れた世界/月に行き逢う (Kyoukai no Kireta Sekai/Tsuki ni Ikiau)


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