Real name Kohara Kazumasa
Aliases 将 (Shou)
SHO (lost age)
Date of birth July 5 1981
Birthplace Hokkaido
Bloodtype O
Years active 2001 - present
Current band Alice Nine
Occupation Vocalist
Instruments Vocals

Shou (将) is the vocalist for the band Alice Nine.


Band historyEdit

  • lost age - Vocals (January 2002 ~ October 23 2002)
  • ギブス - Vocals (February 14 2003 ~ March 23 2004)
  • Alice Nine - Vocals (April 2004 ~ present)

Session bandsEdit


  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Foot size: 26cm
  • Pets: 3 cats
  • Hobby: Playing video-games, searching for old clothes/second hand clothes, drinking coffee
  • Perfume: BVLGARI black
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Brand: DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN, UNDER COVER, And A, Vivienne Westwood
  • Favorite Music: LUNA SEA , KoRn, Atari Teenage Riot, The Used, MUSE
  • Favorite Manga: Nana, 20th century Boy, Berserk
  • Favorite Food: Potatoes
  • Favorite Drink: Soy Milk
  • Favorite Karaoke song: Shiina Ringo and Boowy
  • Strongest point: Long Places
  • Weakest point: Short Places
  • Greatest influence: Toshi-low






  • 2007.04.28 Dive into the Sun (photo book)
  • 2007.12.25 Shiny Summer X'mas 2007 (photo book)
  • 2008.02.29 Alpha" (band score and tablature)
  • 2008.03.27 Zekkeishoku (band score and tablature)
  • 2008.09.13 alice nine. first piano collection" (piano solo tablature)
  • 2009.??.?? Untitled Vandali(ism)#1
  • 2009.??.?? Untitled Vandali(ism)#2
  • 2009.08.24 Piece of 5ive Elements 'The Book' ~Alice Nine 5th~

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