Shuka ensen 41803
Shuka Ensen (朱花艶閃; Fascinating Scarlet Flowers) is an album by the Japanese Visual Kei band Kiryu, released April 25, 2012. There is also a song titled "Shuka Ensen" on the album.



  • Shuka Ensen, is to date the goriest music video Kiryu has made.
  • The music video was uploaded to the B.P.Records YouTube channel on February 19th, 2013, They originally posted a censored, modified version of the music video, and then later uploaded the uncensored version.
  • Their outfits for Shuka Ensen are different from their usual outfits, instead of being kimonos, the outfits consist of belts.
  • Junji said the title of the album, and song is a mere-made up word.

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