Shuugetsuheika (羞月閉花(しゅうげつへいか); The Charms of a Uniquely Beautiful Woman) is an mini-album by the Japanese Visual Kei band Kiryu, released November 26, 2008. There is also a song titled "Shuugetsueika" on the mini-album.


  1. SHIGAMI SAKURA -Re-Recording- (獅噛ミ桜(しがみざくら)-再録-); The Cherry Blossoms That Gnaw at Lions)
  2. GA GEHA CHOU (蛾ゲハ蝶(がげはちょう); Moth Butterfly???)
  3. Touhikou (逃避行(とうひこう); Flight)
  4. Koigokoro (恋心(こいごころ); An Awaking of Love)
  5. Temari Doujo (手鞠童女(てまりどうじょ); Handball (Little) Girl???)

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