Sick2 1
Sick2 logo
AKA Sick2
Spelling シックス
Status Indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 20.12.2012 - present (as Sick²)

2011 - 11.12.2012 (as DEVI+TEC)

Genres Oshare kei
Labels Dream Agent (2013-present)
Tuxedo Production (2011-2012)
Related DEVI+TEC
Website OHP

Sick2 is a visual kei band, formed in 2011. Originally known as DEVI+TEC, they changed their name to Sick2 (pronounced: six) in 2013, due to Tuxedo Production's decision to shut down. They are now currently signed to Dream Agent, a branch of Planet Child Music.


Former members Edit


DEVI TEC Bara-Bara? PV03:49

DEVI TEC Bara-Bara? PV


  • 2011.11.16 Bara-Bara?
  • 2012.05.02 ヴィデオドローム
  • 2014.01.01 Rodeo Drive
  • 2014.02.12 Fiv Five
  • 2014.07.02 Clubsick

External LinksEdit

Official Website

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