Spelling クライシス
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tokyo
Years 2009-2010
Genres Rock
Labels unsigned
Related VURNY
Website OHP (defunct)
THE CRISIS were a short-lived visual kei band, formed on May 27, 2009. After multiple changes to their lineup, the band went on a brief hiatus in February 2010, and came back with a new lineup two months later. However, this didn't last long as they disbanded later on June 15, 2010, and the remaining members of the band, aside from guitarist Waka, moved onto a new band, VURNY. They are not known to have released any material.


Former membersEdit

  • Layla - Vocals (2009.05.27-2010.04.26)
    摩天楼オペラ (roadie) → THE CRISIS → DevineALIST GRACE
  • (yuu) - Guitar (2009-2010)
    → THE CRISIS →
  • (kou) - Bass (2009-2010)
    Night baLon → THE CRISIS →
  • ミヤ (miya) - Drums (2009-2010)
    → THE CRISIS → LucaRia (support) → LucaRia → the Diceピサロ
  • ツバサ (tsubasa) - Guitar (support) (2009-2010)
    → THE CRISIS (support) →
  • (rei) - Guitar (2009.05.27-09.15)
    → THE CRISIS →

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