THE MADCAP LAUGHS is a Japanese Rock band formed in Tokyo in 2012. Founded in May 2012 by a drummer sakura (from ZIGZO), vocalist/guitarist aie (from the god and death stars/ex:the studs) and vocalist/bassist kiyoshi (from Juichi Morishige(ZIGGY)) joined the band. They released 1st pre-debut EP in 2012 and released 2nd pre-debut EP in 2013. In 2014, they've released 1st full-length album called THE MIDNIGHT LOVE, and toured nation-wide, from north to south, in 16 cities.

sakura (Drums) Twitter: @sakurazawayasunori There is darkness to be found everywhere. sakura likes black best of all colors, and this image of black or darkness can' be seen very often in the visual aspect of THE MADCAP LAUGHS. sakura started performing as a drummer in early 90's, and after performing in several bands, from the indies band to the major monster band, he started performing in ZIGZO in 1999. Their first gig drew a huge attention – 20,000 people, which is ten times more than the venue capacity, rushed to get the ticket. After ZIGZO stopped their activity in 2002, sakura started a new band S.O.A.P together with ken (from L'Arc-en-Ciel), and joined numbers of recording and gigs as a support musician. He also started working as a sound producer for other young and rising bands, such as MUCC, SID, etc. In 2009, sakura joined Rayflower, invited by Keiichi Miyako (SOPHIA).  ZIGZO reunited in 2012, and this same year, THE MADCAP LAUGHS was formed.

kiyoshi (Vocal & Bass) Twitter: @kiyoshi_1031 ‘The most masculine female bassist is here’  Born in Osaka, kiyoshi played in couple bands in Kansai area, then moved to Tokyo in 2009. She formed a band called INSIDE ME before staring THE MADCAP LAUGHS, while performing as a support bassist for various artists, including ALvino, Juichi Morishige (from ZIGGY), Kenji Hayashida, LoVendoЯ.  Her performance style is influenced by a lot different kinds of music, which helps her to uniquely fit to play in bands of any genres. What makes her unique is her percussive style of playing, especially slapping technique, and the intense expression – way too intense for a female performer – for which all audiences just can’t take their eyes off from her. She also has an experience of teaching at a guitar craft school thus has intimate knowledge about manufacturing and tuning of instruments.

aie (Vocal & Guitar) Twitter: @THEGOD_aie ‘THE MASTER (of the God’s Bar)’ After performing in the legendary well-known bands “deadman” and “the studs”, aie performs in “the god and death stars” and “highfashionparalyze” while being one of the lead vocal at THE MADCAP LAUGHS.



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