Real name 太田けんじ (Ooda Kenji)
最上川 司 (mogamigawa tsukasa)
Ken (till 1999)
Date of birth March 6th 1976
Birthplace Yamagata
Bloodtype B
Years active 199? - present
Current band THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S
D'espairsRay (until 2011)
Occupation drummer
Enka singer
Instruments drums
Website Solo OHP

TSUKASA is the drummer of THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S. He's best known as former drummer of popular band D'espairsRay.

Born in the countryside, in Yamagata Prefecture, TSUKASA has been well know for his love for Enka music, which he was introduced to from an early age, his father being an Enka singer himself.

In multiple occasions, TSUKASA was spot singing Enka songs on interviews and fan-events and, back in 2013, during his band's tour in Europe, he sang Yamagata's popular folk song "Hanagawa Ondo" during the intervals of each show.

In 2014, he expressed his desire to start a solo career as an Enka singer while still playing drums for his band. In 2015, he officially debuted as a Visual Kei Enka singer under the name 最上川 司 (Mogamigawa Tsukasa) with the single "Matsupoi yo", a song dedicated to his parents and old friends from Yamagata.

By November 2015, he released the album "Okuno Utamichi", mostly composed by covers of his favorite karaoke Enka songs but using his own versions, including famous classics like "Kiita Sakaba" (北酒場) by Takashi Hosogawa (then popularized by the late star Enka singer Teresa Teng) and "Tsugaru Kaikyou Fuyu Geshiki (津軽海峡・冬景色)" by Sayuri Ishikawa. The album includes his original debut single with an English version for it.

He is currently signed to Universal Music Japan under their label Prime Music.

Band HistoryEdit


  • Height: 171 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Hobby: drawing
  • Favourite colour: black, red, grey
  • Perfume: ANNASUI
  • Favourite food: curry, donuts, chou a la creme
  • Disliked food: prawn
  • Cigarettes: does not smoke
  • Place he goes to have fun: cave, hole
  • Favourite song: kisei -parasite-
  • Favourite type of woman: natural type




with D'espairsRayEdit


  • 2014.05.30 EARNEST GAME
  • 2014.07.30 PARASITIC EMOTION
  • 2015.04.06 イカレタリアル

as 最上川 司Edit

  • 2015.05.13 まつぽいよ (Matsupoi yo) on iTunes
  • 2015.06.10 まつぽいよ (Matsupoi yo)
  • 2015.11.25 奥の唄道 (Okuno Utamichi)
  • 2016.02.03 ひとひらの桜 (Hitohira no Sakura)

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