Theo 1
AKA the:0
Jikkentai NEMESIS
Spelling ジオ
Status indies, disbanded
Years 2014-2015
Genres Hard rock
Website OHP

the:Ø were a visual kei band formed in April 2014 by members of the session band, 実験体NEMESIS. The band is also notable for having SAN (ex-NEGA) as a guitarist.


the:Ø (pronounced The O) commenced activities later in the summer of 2014, holding their first live at Birth SHINJUKU, and releasing their first live-limited single, THE PURGE, on July 16. They then released their second single, distance, which was now available at indies stores and their newly opened webshop.

The band then announced a new mini-album, cold theory, slated to be released on January 23, 2015 and they will hold a oneman to celebrate. However, guitarist Hiroya had also announced his departure from the band on the same day, as his musical direction was different from his current situation.


the:Ø disbanded at their free oneman live, 理論凍結, at Ash OSAKA on January 23, 2015, as the members had differing directions for future activities after the departure of their guitarist Hiroya. Hiroya, who was due to depart on that day, has since revoked his withdrawal in order to stay with the band until the disbandment. Although the announcement was so sudden, their first and last mini-album, cold theory, will still be released on that day. The mini-album will only be available through their official web shop.

The session band 実験体NEMESIS later held a one day revival on January 5, 2016. All of the original members participated, except for guitarist Hiroya, who was replaced by Hikaru (ex-LUCHe.).




  • 2015.01.23 『cold theory』

Singles Edit

  • 2014.07.16 THE PURGE (live-limited)
  • 2014.10.25 Distance

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