AKA v[NEU] (2007-2014)
HeaRt (2005-2007)
Spelling ニュー
Status major (2011-2014), disbanded
indies (2005-2011)
Origin Kanto
Years 2005-2014
Genres Oshare kei
Labels Universal Music Japan
Loop Ash
Related JOKER
Website OHP

v[NEU] was a visual kei band, first formed in 2005 under the name "HeaRt". They were under the major label, Universal Music Japan, since 2011.

They disbanded after their oneman live, エンドロール, at Shibuya Koukaidou on December 29, 2014, where they also released their last live-limited single of the same name.

Aftermath Edit

After the band's disbandment, flyers of Rei and Kayuu's new izakaya (bar), 廿-niju-, were passed around to those who attended the live. It seems that Rei and Kayuu have retired from the music industry since then, and now run the bar together. hixro has also followed suit, as he became a beauty therapist. As for Mitsu and Takumi's statuses, they are currently unknown.

Meanwhile, V[NEU]'s previous lineup, first known as HeaRt, featuring Jun, Kouya, Yuki, and Subaru have since established the unit, MoZ, along with their former support member, fumiya, as of October 24, 2014.


Former membersEdit




  • 2007.07.18 HONEY Bee★
  • 2007.08.29 Splash!
  • 2008.03.19 Kouban
  • 2008.04.02 Otsuban
  • 2008.08.06 SAYONARA Kanransha
  • 2009.09.23 PULSE/New World
  • 2009.11.24 Pink Marble
  • 2009.12.02 Amaoto
  • 2010.08.04 -wave-
  • 2011.07.06 RED EMOTION ~Kibou~
  • 2011.12.21 Kaleidoscope/cube
  • 2013.02.27 The 25th Century Love
  • 2013.07.31 APOLLON/starting over
  • 2013.12.11 Mousou Nikki
  • 2014.07.02 Hitori Janai
  • 2014.12.29 エンドロール (endroll) (live-limited)

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • 2007.10.10 Shock Edge '07
  • 2008.06.11 CANNONBALL Vol.4
  • 2010.05.26 NEO VOLTAGE

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