Single by Aoi
Format CD
Release Date 2007.12.12
Recorded in SOL BLADE
Length 6 minutes
Genre Visual rock
Label SOL BLADE / Art Scape
VISiON is the debut single of Aoi.

It was released as the single that shows Aoi solo debut, with a [Type A] which has an Original Card (3 exists and you can have one one them by buying the Album) and a [Type B] which has a DVD with the PV of VISION.

Track listingEdit

  1. VISiON - 3:49
  2. replay - 3:06



All Songs Vocals and Written by Aoi

Mix&Rec&Manipulate: Tohru Nagae
Mastering: Yasuji Maeda
A&R Director: Megumi Kambayashi (SOL BLADE / ArtScape)
Chief Promoter: Takeru Ohsuga (SOL BLADE / ArtScape)

Artist Management: Sayo Eguchi (SOL BLADE / ArtScape

Art Direction: Aoi
Photography: Yosuke Komatsu (ODD JOB)
Hair&Make-up: Kaori Okazaki (Fats Berry)

Costume: Yukari Ohba
Supervisor: Hitoshi Hamada (SOL BLADE / ArtScape), Takahiro Uto (SOL BLADE / ArtScape)
Executive Producer: Yoshihiro Kambayashi

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