Vall'na racill
Spelling ヴァルナレシル
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tōkyō
Years 2001.11 - 2004.06.25
Genres visual rock
Labels unsigned

Vall'na racill was an independent band that had passed almost unnoticed in the scene. However, it is currently known for being the previous bands of several famous musicians, including Saga from Alice Nine, former RENTRER EN SOI guitarist Shun and former the GazettE drummer Yune.


Vall'na racill live took place at Takadanobaba AREA in November 2001. A demo CD was distributed for free on the same day to introduce the band. The first single release was D.E.V, on sale since February 2002. In the meantime the band also managed to appear in a compilation album titled Zero-One shusai.
After several lineup changes, Vall'na racill held their first self-sponsored live event at Urawa Narciss titled Cage of Insanity #1 on 22th August 2003. The bands invited to play were BLOOD, デルフィニウム, MiraVills, Ghost†phobia and AQua (opening act). Another Cage of Insanity event was held on 13th December at the same live house.
In April and May 2004 Vall'na racill had their first tour, titled Scatter in the Dephts, with a final gig held at Urawa Narciss on May 30. However, it was announced that the band would break up after a last concert at Narciss on June 25.


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Omnibus albumsEdit

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